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Monday through Friday
No Weekends
No Holidays
No Evenings (unless requested per employee)
Flexible schedule
Work Place Friendly (Felon Friendly)
Rides Available (Within Rochester, MN)
Pay starting at $17/hr

Difficult background?

LJY Services is a vessel to be able to help those that are in a need of starting over. While building businesses, raising children, working on her recovery and when life reared its ugly head, Lori would find herself having to figure out ways to start over. There were many times when she never thought that she would be able to make it to the next week with money in her pocket or even food in the fridge, but somehow she always found a way to make it happen. Now, with LJY Services, Lori is out to help those that have felt the burdens of life, whether from consequences of one's own actions or simply life knocking one down, she wants to be able to help others get started over with solid employment.

Working with Lori provides multiple benefits, as LJY Services offers competitive wages and very flexible schedules, there are more ways that Lori will help those starting over that most wouldn't even look into. She has resources and referrals for many different options for those feeling as though they have none. The work environment is also exceptional, as the Lead and Co Workers have great personalities while working together as a team, making the hours at work seem shorter as they fly by. One will not be disappointed working with the LJY Services crews.  


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